Florida Whooping Cough Outbreak a Blow to Vaccine Success Claims

Florida Whooping Cough Outbreak a Blow to Vaccine Success Claims

The claims of protection by vaccination have been undermined once again as the failure of pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine in Florida made news the past week.coughing boy

One of the few popular media sources that wrote about the whooping cough vaccines failure is the Huffington Post which noted that out of 117 cases of whooping cough in the Leon County, FL, preschool outbreak only five were unvaccinated—the rest were all fully vaccinated against the disease. The outbreak was witnessed between September 2013 and January 2014.
While there is reportedly an investigation now launched into the vaccine failure, this is not the only failure of the whooping cough vaccines promise of protection in or outside US. Just recently, Canada and American state of Nebraska reported whooping cough outbreaks in fully vaccinated people. Soon afterward, North Carolina also reported a whooping cough outbreak in two schools wherein all patients were fully vaccinated. The earlier FL outbreak only adds to the story of vaccine inefficacy.

There are serious criticisms of the generally propagated idea of vaccine effectiveness and safety, globally. And as more and more vaccinated people get the infections the vaccines were supposed to prevent as well as develop other serious health issues post-vaccination, the awareness against the failed vaccination theory is on a decline.

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