Fireworks Upsetting, Killing Animals

Fireworks Upsetting, Killing Animals

New Year celebrations traditionally include fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Many of us love to see the fireworks going off with warm, beautiful colors in the night sky. What about our pets and the strays on the streets?fireworks

It’s not uncommon to observe pets getting unnerved by the explosions of firework.  A post on Voice for the Voiceless summarizes the dangerous effects of fireworks on human and animal life. From small insects and birds to cats, dogs, and cattle, fireworks have seriously damaging, many a time lethal impact on animal life.

Dog owners know the effects of fireworks perhaps better than others since dogs show intense fear during firework explosions including symptoms like shivering, whimpering, and cowering as well as high separation anxiety. Some dogs can’t be calmed down due to a fit of fear during fireworks by any pacifying techniques ordinarily use for them. For them, a vet visit or tranquilizing agent needs to be used.

Animal Defense League of Texas shares some useful tips with dog owners on calming the dogs during fireworks on special occasions like Independence Day or New Year. But it makes more sense to call on people for caring about other people and animals by abstaining from using noisy fireworks; if they are integral to celebration of special occasions, they should only use those fireworks that are safe for other people and animals.

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