Finding a Home for Rigsby

Finding a Home for Rigsby

In her Examiner story about a shelter dog, called, Rigsby, Denise Carey-Costa summarized the eventful life of the sweet and loving dog, who once had a home and family until his owners gave him up.Rigsby

Now, 8-year-old Rigsby is again in need of a forever home. Denise Carey-Costa is committed to finding him a home where he can live peacefully for the rest of his life. She wrote about Rigsby on Facebook:

“He is a sweet, loving, affectionate teddy bear of a dog. He gets along okay with other big dogs but does not do well with small dogs.”

Rigsby needs an adopter or at least a foster so he can leave the Florida dog shelter where he is currently living as a lonely inmate. If you can help Rigsby or know anyone who can, please contact

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