Financially Linked to Pfizer, Notre Dame Mandates COVID Booster for Students

Financially Linked to Pfizer, Notre Dame Mandates COVID Booster for Students

The University of Notre Dame in Indiana has announced mandating the COVID-19 booster shot for all its students. The university has financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry including Pfizer that manufactures the COVID-19 shots.

The South Bend Tribune reported on Monday that the University of Notre Dame is requiring all its students to get the booster shot for COVID, which is the third shot of a COVID vaccine while those who took the first two are considered fully vaccinated. The university is also offering Pfizer shots on its campus in January.

The university will have an on-campus vaccine clinic in mid-January where students can receive a Pfizer BioNTech booster.

Notre Dame is financially linked to Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies, a link not mentioned in media stories. Notre Dame along with Indiana University and Purdue University run the Center for Bioanalytic Metrology (CBM) with support from the National Science Foundation. Pfizer is listed as one of CBM members along with other pharma or biomedical/research companies.

Notre Dame Pfizer

In addition to Pfizer, CBM has other companies that deal in vaccine manufacturing, for example Merck. Another company heavily involved in the business of vaccine development is Sartorius, which says 80 percent of vaccine manufacturers are their clients.

The CBM membership page shows that each member is required to pay an annual $50,000 membership fee.

CBM membership

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