Film Quiz 17 – Can You Name the Movie and the Actress?

Film Quiz 17 – Can You Name the Movie and the Actress?

Ho ho ho, time for the new quiz. You all ready? What? Scared of Corona 19? Don’t worry. The quiz doesn’t expose you to that bug, or any bug for that matter, except the film bug 🙂 So let’s enter the virtual answer room.

Answer Room Open

You were shown a shot from a movie with a child star in Quiz 16. One reader Lisel Sipes uessed that it was perhaps River Phoenix in the 1986 movie Stand by Me. I have to watch that movie yet cz it sounds something with substance. But the movie in our quiz here is nothing less either.

The shot in Quiz 16 is from the 2007 fantasy/drama The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. The movie shows the adventure of a young, lonesome boy Angus MacMorrow, played by Alex Etel (the actor in the shot) in World War II times, who befriends an unusual reptile that he cares for and later tries to save from people who view it as monster.

If you have a soul and you haven’t watched this movie yet, now is the time!

Okie, on to Quiz 17 now.

Quiz Room Open

So let’s go to the 70s and look at something that is classic of its time with a well-known and an ensemble cast. The actress in the shot, who played the leading lady in this movie, left her mark on Hollywood and became a household name in both movies and TV. She is no more with us. Speaking of hints, right.

As always, put your answers in the comment box. And happy guessing!


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