Emily Jones Murder: Illegal Immigrant Sentenced to Life, But Not in Prison

Emily Jones Murder: Illegal Immigrant Sentenced to Life, But Not in Prison

Today was the day when the barbaric killer of Emily Jones was to be sentenced in the court of law. The court gave her a life sentence, but to make a mockery of justice, the savage is not going to prison; she is going to hospital. The Daily Mail reported the story.

That’s right, Eltiona Skana, the hideous murderer of 7-year-old Emily Jones, reportedly got a life sentence with minimum 8 years to serve, but recognizing her as a paranoid schizophrenia patient, as testified by a consultant psychiatrist, the court allowed her to be kept under treatment in a “secure hospital”. In other words, Emily Jones was murdered again in the court today by showing every bit of mercy to the barbarian who showed the little helpless child no mercy while she slit her throat in the park with a knife she had bought that same day – showing obvious intentions to kill.

The equally striking part of this horrible crime is that after nearly a year, Daily Mail finally woke up to a tad professionalism in journalistic work and published the picture of the terrorist Skana as well as the police footage showing her arrest near the crime scene. Why were these details kept hidden from the public till now? One can imagine a number of reasons, all directly or indirectly protecting the murderer, especially her identity and immigration history.

Emily and killer
Emily (left) and her murderer Skana (right)

What Daily Mail did today to hurt the spirit of journalism again is omitting from their story the fact that Skana was in the UK illegally. The paper just wrote that she arrived in UK in 2014.

She had claimed asylum on entering the UK in 2014 but three years later she told doctors that her claim to be a trafficking victim had been a lie.

The Sun became the first paper to publish Skana’s picture for the first time on December 6th and in its story, mentioned Skana’s illegal entry into the UK.

Skana entered the UK illegally in 2014 in the back of a lorry and applied for asylum, claiming to be a trafficking victim.

The paper also wrote that the Albanian illegal alien who slaughtered Emily Jones was described as “a kind and lovely person” by her healthcare staff – the people who took her off psychotic medications that ultimately led to her murder of Emily.

Emily Jones was killed by the European Union and United Nations who, in collusion with liberal politicians and heads of states, bring dangerous illegal aliens en masse to developed and previously safe countries. She was killed by the compromised institutions of a rotting Britain and its corrupt media sold out to globalist criminals. Emily is not just the victim of a diseased murderous individual, but the blood-thirsty globalist evil that has been haunting the peace of this earth for decades and decades.

Today, this writer takes a moment to bow his head in silence for Emily’s spirit.

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