COVID 19 Vaccine Ingredients Still Hidden from Public

COVID 19 Vaccine Ingredients Still Hidden from Public

The US-manufactured COVID 19 vaccine has been shipped to UK and mainstream media that covers up for vaccine mafia have already started showering praise on the vaccine, but one very fundamental thing they are not asking about – and conveniently so – is what exactly is in the vaccine.

In Britain, a 90-year-old woman was made the publicity prop of COVID 19 vaccine promotion today as Associated Press did a story about  her and media all over quickly reproduced that story. But nowhere in the story does it ask about the COVID 19 vaccine ingredients.

The story about the old British woman getting the COVID shot is a lame and clichéd advertorial for selling the vaccine. Getting a shot and being on camera for a moment is only as good as 15 minutes of fame for a poor woman who never thought she would be famous. Rhetorically speaking, for such a person, even swallowing a poison pill in front of camera would be a “privilege” and a “birthday gift”.

But also rhetorically, any new substance without its ingredients known amounts to a potential poison pill. And it’s nothing but reasonable to ask what is in the substance before deciding to take it. So what exactly are the COVID 19 Vaccine Ingredients? We don’t know because those manufacturing and publicizing it have decided not to let us know in advance.

What we do know is that the active ingredient in the Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccine (BNT162b2) is the messenger RNA or mRNA of the COVID virus, the alleged COVID virus, and I say the alleged because to date the “scientists” have not isolated the virus to show they have a new virus; they have just done DNA sequencing from mucus/fluid samples and arbitrarily concluded it’s a new virus, an assumption that has been challenged by a number of medical experts.

A vaccine contains multiple other ingredients too like adjuvants, preservatives, and stabilizers etc. These ingredients vary in proportion and composition from vaccine to vaccine and have frequently been shown to cause great damage to one’s body and mental health. So it’s always safe as well as professional to make the vaccine ingredients public before getting the approval of the authorities to let people have it – or as what appears now, make them take it.

But why haven’t Pfizer, CDC, and/or FDA or any authority/regulatory body made the COVID 19 Vaccine Ingredients public? What are they hiding and why? In their promotional story for the COVID vaccine, Daily Express included a single line about the COVID 19 vaccine ingredients.

Vaccine manufacturers have not yet released the full array of ingredients their jabs use.

No questions asked and no journalistic curiosity in action is seen when it comes the very fundamental right of knowing what is in the shot they are giving you, aside from a bad pathogenic RNA that nobody should have in their body. The media won’t ask because we know the reality of media just like we know the reality of the “experts” who find the vaccine safe and effective. But we the people should be asking aloud and emphatically to reveal the complete list of COVID 19 Vaccine Ingredients before asking/making people to take it.

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