Elderly Man Being Punished for Feeding the Homeless in Florida

Elderly Man Being Punished for Feeding the Homeless in Florida

When families across the United States are enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner and the comfort of home and family, a heartless law in Florida is thwarting efforts of kindness toward the homeless.Arnold Abbot

Earlier this month, 90-year-old Arnold Abbot, an advocate for homeless, made news nationwide after he was arrested by police in Fort Lauderdale along with two other ministers. Their crime? Just that they had given food to some poor, homeless people and that violated an ordinance restricting feeding the homeless.

The city authorities are trying to remove the homeless from the street because they think they could be a threat or at least annoyance to families or individuals in public places. But instead of coming up with a humane solution, they passed a nonsensical law that defies the core value of good and benevolence.

Arnold Abbot is one of those people who stand as examples of courage and kindness for all. The city’s punishment of him for helping the poor is unacceptable. More than 68 thousand people already have signed his petition on Care2 targeting the concerned authorities to stop punishing those who help the homeless. If you haven’t signed already, it’s time now to do so and stand by this senior fellow who deserves a hats-off thanks on Thanksgiving.

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