Injured Dog in Missouri Needs Donations for Surgery

Injured Dog in Missouri Needs Donations for Surgery

by Lisa Byrduno

My beloved baby, Uno, needs surgery on his right back leg. Four years ago this month, we rescued him out of a back yard with a shattered back leg. His “owner” had left him laying back there for 4 days. We took him in, had the leg repaired – they had to insert 2 pins in his femur to put the leg back together – and have loved him every since. Now, Uno’s pin in his femur broke thru the bone and about a 2 inch piece of the pin is laying above the hip by his spine. THEN his ACL is torn in the same legs knee. Which means TWO surgeries, which can hopefully be done at the same time, if we can come up with $800-$1000.

Please, PLEASE won’t you help us help Uno?? (All monies donated go directly to his veterinarian, nothing comes to us!) He is hurting so very badly, and we are not in a position this time to be able to help him out.

Uno is to be treated at Southside Pet Hospital in Olathe, KS.

Link to Donation Page:


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