Discovery News: Vaccine-Promoting Article Stumbles in First Line

Discovery News: Vaccine-Promoting Article Stumbles in First Line

The unscientific and corrupt vaccine industry rests on the ignorance of people and the yellow journalism of mainstream media. Benjamin Radford’s article in yesterday’s edition of Discovery News is a fresh example in view.

Quoting a study published in JAMA, the writer regurgitates the usual verbal nonsense – vaccines prevented diseases; the unvaccinated are responsible for outbreaks; vaccines can save you, ad nauseum.oops

While JAMA’s questionable credibility alone can be the subjects of volumes of criticism, the article’s lack of any solid case for vaccination is reflected in such a self-defeating manner in the every first sentence:

“Half of those who contracted measles over the past 15 years were unvaccinated…” And that says it all. No need to read further without giving it just a minute – actually 10 seconds – of thought. Half of them were unvaccinated. Fine. So the other half were vaccinated. And they still got measles? Why?

But the ignorant and/or corrupt media wouldn’t go that way. This “why” takes away the very ground beneath the vaccine industry’s business. The statistic is blatantly embarrassing – vaccine has statistically no significance in protecting from the disease. If half of those didn’t vaccinate got the disease, so did the half of those who did vaccinate. End of story.

But not really. The real story begins where insiders come out and confess the fraud at the highest level – the CDC and its vaccine-centered, agenda-driven “research”.

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