Dengue Vaccine – More lies on the Way?

Dengue Vaccine – More lies on the Way?

Well, the title says it. After endless lying and self-serving science combined with broken logic and benefit of uncertainty, the vaccine industry has started making excuses in advance for the dengue vaccine’s failure in preventing diseases while claiming safety and efficacy of the vaccine itself.vaccine

According to the vaccine-manufacturing company’s claims – which seem to have not been independently verified – the vaccine has been found safe and protective against dengue fever, cutting 80 percent risk of hospitalization in a study conducted over children from five Latin American countries. The first batches of the vaccine are expected to be sold next year.

Interestingly, as Natural News writes, the vaccine is said to possibly cause a rise in the number of dengue fever cases. Researcher Jan Medlock was quoted as, “Our analysis suggests that if we develop and widely use a vaccine for dengue fever, there may later be spikes in the incidence of the disease that are two to three times higher than its normal level.” Once again, the self-contradictory nature of “safe vaccine” claim shows in the media reports. Anything meant to keep people safe from some risk must not cause that risk – plain obvious.

The usual excuse in favor of the vaccine business, however, rests on the uncertainly/vagueness factor. It’s the claim that vaccine is likely to help strengthen immunity against the disease but Not Prevent it. In other words, a vaccinated child will be less likely to seriously suffer from dengue than an unvaccinated one. This claim again is a lie in the light of the researchers’ own admission that natural immunity is stronger than vaccine-induced immunity.

The biggest failure of the vaccine industry comes in their inability to show that if a child was not vaccinated, his/her natural immunity would not have prevented the disease. There is no way to show it practically. And to facilitate the assumption so vital for selling the vaccine – the study completely ignores the number of people who do not develop a disease claimed to be vaccine-preventable while living in the same environment, even in the same household and sharing the same utensils as an infected person. For example, polio infects only a few hundred people in Pakistan each year in a population of over 180 million people.

This is where the role of corporate-driven media starts. A single case of polio is highlighted in mainstream media across the world – fear-mongering as commonly called – to make people believe that a vaccine’s unavailability can be a big health risk. However, when a child vaccinated for the disease contracts the disease, the media report it in a few lines without questioning the vaccine’s efficacy or its probable role in causing the disease. It wouldn’t come as a surprise then that in the coming year, media will start large-scale fear-mongering about dengue fever to justify health projects worth hundreds of millions in as many countries as they can influence.

And there won’t be many to ask the vaccinators to sign a safety bond regarding the administration of a vaccine such that if a child develops the disease despite vaccine, an independent investigation will be launched into the case and all costs of the investigation will be borne by the vaccinators/administrators as well as free treatment of the patient plus other penalties in case the investigation held the vaccine responsible to have caused harm in any way to the patient.

Finally, all contents of the vaccine must be listed on each and every dose of the vaccine, and be available to a subject/guardians in their local language along with the adverse health risks of each content.

Our bodies are not commodities. We are not slaves of any industry, and it is up to us to stand up for our rights – and this we better do before it’s too late.

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