Debunking the Deceptive ‘Sacredness’ of Abortion

Debunking the Deceptive ‘Sacredness’ of Abortion

by Michell Spoden

According to many people, including Abortion clinics, an abortion is not killing a child. But the Webster Dictionary tells us it is. Why is it ok to talk about Rape Culture but not Abortion Culture and its devastating effects or the lies it promotes by the Fake News about the issue? This is what I call a form of Identity Theft.

Our identity was put in place by something greater than ourselves—it’s called creation, and that equals to a creator, not a destroyer. We know now that many women have not only dealt with post-abortion issues but also regret their decision. Abortion culture is being promoted as part of bigger agenda, which is destroying the very definition of a woman and a child’s value.

Desensitization is a process that breaks down the value of many things, from the ingredients put into foods to the video games that teach our children auto theft. Most recently there has been specific marketing promotions by a prochoice organization from Cleveland, Ohio, in which they have stepped outside their bounds to promote the idea that Abortion is Sacred or is a Blessing.

Now here’s the definition of Sacred and a good synonym is HOLY. In no way is abortion a holy or sacred act. This is part of the deep deception that was put into place by the holocaust—the belief that an enemy looks a certain way and this enemy is a growing child called a fetus. I will tell you that a chicken hawk is a federally protected bird that commits disgusting acts against smaller prey, but it has more rights than an unborn child.

I am here today to help promote a petition against the lies about abortion and the fake take on words by those who promote abortion. I am encouraging others to sign the petition and would like to support the healing of hearts for those woman and families affected by it.

About the Author

Michell Spoden a freelance writer and advocate for woman who has a nonprofit organization called Dream Builders.

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