Death from Flu Reported in Children Despite Vaccination

Death from Flu Reported in Children Despite Vaccination

The controversy over the effectiveness and safety of vaccines is ever growing and many self-proclaimed “professional” vaccinejournalists continue to sell the safe and effective vaccine myth to millions of people in US and abroad. But is vaccination really any good and saving people from disease and death? A few recent cases in the US answer this question in negative.

Just last year, a teenage girl Carly Christenson died from flu in Minneapolis, MN, despite being vaccinated against flu. Her story was published on CBS Minnesota website. More recently, Health Impact News published the tragic story of a 5-year-old boy in Oregon who died of H1N1 flu virus despite vaccination against it. Worse though, many media outlets with a pro-vaccination agenda omitted the detail of his vaccination while giving his death news.

Interestingly, neither the self-proclaimed journalists have any answer to the question of vaccine’s safety and effectiveness nor do the official administrative body, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) responsible for protecting public health. In fact on their website, CDC keeps posting self-contradictory information, admitting:

“Unfortunately, some people can get infected with an influenza vaccine virus despite getting vaccinated.”  They never give exact statistics of how many people vaccinated for flu actually do get flu during any flu season, let alone investigating via a neutral source whether the flu was caused by the virus given the vaccine.

Can flu vaccine and other vaccines that punch a hole in one’s natural immunity be trusted is a question that comes first to one’s mind when coming across examples of vaccinated people suffering with and dying from the same viruses that they were supposed to be protected from by vaccines.

The next question of course is: why are such people putting the public at risk by injecting them with dangerous chemical and biological content not brought to accountability? And this includes dummy journalists and media outlets running ads for vaccinations, both who put people at terrible risk.

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  1. A ten year national multi-institution study into the relationship between not receiving annual flu shots and Alzheimer’s disease found to their shock that the group that received shots were about 10 times more likely to contract the disease than those who did not.

  2. Your use of the term “vaccine myth” reveals the absurdity of this web posting. Over 12,000 people die each year from influenza. Unfortunately, vaccination is not 100% at protecting a person from contracting influenza; however, this does not negate the value of vaccination. Natural selection will slowly rid the planet of anti-vaccination fools as they and their children contract preventable diseases.

    1. Rob, first, I’d like to question your stats – 12K people dying of influenza. What’s your source? How and why should we trust it to be reliable and valid?

      Secondly, suppose it is say 12 thousand people, as we live today in a world of around 7 billion people the no of deaths caused by influenza would amount to about one death in every 583333 people, i.e. just 0.00017%. This is laughable statistic to attempt to scare people and selling a vaccine which, even if 99 percent effective – which it is far cry, even if we don’t take into account the vaccine threats – falls flat just like your superfluous science or surety. About the efefctveness of flu shots, report after report mocks at its efficacy. Here is one:

      Secondly, the question mark on vaccine’s effectiveness gets even bigger when we look at its safety. It has been shown as risky and hazardous to health.

      And thirdly, if it were left to natural selection, people who refuse to get vaccinated will finally heave a sigh of relief to get rid of idiots who make a joke of science and try to evoke ridicule by comments as yours.

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