Darriynn Brown Charged, Should Be Hanged on Conviction

Darriynn Brown Charged, Should Be Hanged on Conviction

The terrifying kidnap and brutal murder of a white child by an adult black criminal in Dallas, TX, is the story the leftist propaganda media don’t want you to see. Hence the news of the culprit Darriynn Brown charged with capital murder has been under-reported in liberal mainstream news outlets.

Darriynn Brown was arrested on May 15 in connection with the kidnapping of 4-year-old Cash Gernon after the boy was found in a pool of blood, brutally murdered, in a street a mile away from the suspect’s house. Video footage from surveillance camera watching the child’s bedroom showed Brown taking the boy from his bed and sometime later returning to snatch the child’s twin brother, but then hurrying out without taking the twin. Apparently he killed the one and then wanted to kill the other boy but something startled him and he left.

Pending forensic investigation, Brown was not charged with murder until June 10 when Dallas Police Department completed its investigation and charged Brown with capital murder, meaning that if proven in the court as the killer of Cash Gernon, he could face death penalty. Daily Mail reported:

If found guilty, capital punishment in Texas carries an automatic life sentence and even the death penalty. The desired punishment will be determined by prosecutors before the trial starts.

The savagery of the child’s murder is beyond words. It’s the most heinous and brutal murder reported in years. Yet the culprit’s skin color seems to be landing him in the book of forgiveness of liberal media outlets that routinely protect and advocate for criminals and terrorists. No wonder then that many leftist fake news outlets like CNN, New York Times, USA Today, and Huffington Post etc. have gone quiet on the capital murder charges and establishment propaganda platform Yahoo did not feature the story on its homepage.

Darriynn Brown, if/when proven guilty in the court, deserves not only death but the most painful one to remind every criminal like him what it feels to be helpless and suffering at the hands of another. Cash Gernon is not coming back but we can take comfort in the thought that his twin, the next intended victim of Brown, escaped that fate and is safe. It’s time for Texas to show no mercy for those who show no mercy to children.

3 thoughts on “Darriynn Brown Charged, Should Be Hanged on Conviction

  1. Killing a child is the worst thing anyone can possibly do. Brown should definitely have his neck stretched for what he did to those poor little boys. Evil should have no place in this world ever so just get rid of the scum bag!!

  2. That man sounds absolutely heinous! And if he was caught on camera how would he ever get out of that conviction? But I have to say this one thing out loud: encouraging the idea of lynching feels like a society regressing. This was an adult who killed a child. That is the crime and for that he should definitely serve Texas’s harshest punishment. But, we are better than this white and black crap. And we are definitely beyond something as ugly as lynching. I mean, murder is murder, but lynching adds an element of supposed superiority to it. There’s just a symbolism which I think you were trying to grasp to jab at the left, but that symbol belongs nowhere else but in our embarrassed memories.
    You are one of the toughest research/reporters out there Ernie, so I hope you forgive my wanting to keep that big warm heart of yours as kind of humans as it is to animals. I know – that’s hard!

    1. He has been charged with capital murder so hopefully death penalty. I didn’t use the lynching thing in terms of black or white. I’ll say the same if he was white or Asian or whatever and if the child was black or whatever. The revengeful side of me takes charge when I see an atrocity of this level happen. But I want people like these to be made an example so that others think a hundred times before thinking of doing something like. Yes I know how I struggle to keep ants alive by watching my step and not kill bugs that bite me let alone harm a human.

      The left? Oh absolutely. I always try to get at them. Just for the fun of it. lols. Hugs!

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