Dangerous Effects of COVID 19 Vaccine Revealed

Dangerous Effects of COVID 19 Vaccine Revealed

The push for COVID 19 vaccine in the United States has reached its peak and now the pharma company Pfizer is close to releasing its COVID 19 vaccine, called BNT162b2. The questions about its safety and effectiveness need attention since it’s a public health issue.

The effectiveness of vaccines has never been proven by the proponents of vaccination. All the vaccine advocates have proven is endless repetition of the claim that vaccines are effective in preventing decease, a claim that is impossible to prove. Independent medical experts have shown otherwise numerous times.

The question of vaccine safety is usually determined by clinical trials of a vaccine to see what kind of health issues it causes in people. Given that billions of pharma dollars are at stake, independent assessment of products is not something to expect of the pharma business. But it’s important to see what the studies find about the side/adverse effects of a vaccine.

It is important to remember that unlike most vaccines used to date for various diseases, the COVID 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer, in partnership with the German tech company BioNTech, is an RNA vaccine. Most other vaccines contain a piece of the viral protein (antigen) or a “killed” or “weakened” virus itself to trigger one’s immune system into making antibodies. The COVID 19 vaccine includes the genetic material, RNA, of the virus responsible for the disease. In other words, people will be injected with the RNA of what is believed to be COVID virus (though it’s not been scientifically proven yet that COVID is indeed caused by a specific new coronavirus). The RNA will create the viral protein (antigen) inside the body of the vaccinated person and that will set off the person’s immune system—which is triggered into action when an outside pathogen/disease agent is detected by the immune system.

This is a dangerous territory that people are being pushed into using the “pandemic” scare tactic. You do not want a foreign pathogen’s genetic material in your body. Your immune system will have to fight it, and although it may neutralize the disease agent’s protein, your immune system can react frantically to it, causing a serious reaction, far more dangerous than the disease they tell you the vaccine will prevent.

So what are these risks of Pfizer’s COVID 19 vaccine revealed to public so far? Stat News wrote, on November 9:

The results have not been peer-reviewed by outside scientists or published in a medical journal, and even Pfizer and BioNTech have been given no other  details about how the vaccine performed by the independent monitors overseeing the study.

The media have told us that the vaccine causes aches and fever. But details of earlier study of the vaccine “RNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccine BNT162b2 Selected for a Pivotal Efficacy Study” published by Medrxiv in late August reveals alarming health risks of the vaccine.

The first adverse effect reported in the paper is what is commonly reported by most vaccine recipients, and that is pain or soreness usually with redness and swelling at the site of injection (usually it’s the arm). Because it’s common doesn’t mean it should be discarded as not concerning.

The next effect reported in the study is fever, which is a serious effect. And a really large percentage of the participant receiving the vaccine experienced fever higher than 38 Celsius (100 oF).

Participants 18–55 years old who received 10 or 30 µg BNT162b1 frequently experienced mild to moderate fever and chills, with 75% reporting fever ≥38.0°C after Dose 2 of 30 µg.

Fever and chills are what you DO NOT want from any medication. Other “severe systemic events” found by the study in vaccine recipients include: fatigue, headache, muscle pain, and joint pain.

The study found that adverse effects of the vaccine in trial subjects lasted for up to 7 days.

Symptoms generally peaked by Day 2 after vaccination and resolved by Day 7.

Vomiting and diarrhea, which are typical vaccine-reaction symptoms, were also reported in some study participants administered the COVID 19 vaccine. Both are extremely concerning.

These reactions are all serious enough to make a reasonably intelligent person reject the thought of taking the COVID 19 vaccine. But the fact that the vaccine is being fast-tracked without independent verification of the study results and replication by other investigators puts the vaccine safety to stronger speculation. The study in question was sponsored by BioNTech and Pfizer – the same people who make the vaccine. In plain words, it’s bad science and you can choose to take the vaccine at your own risk.

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