Eltiona Skana Pleads Guilty to Brutal Killing of British Child

Eltiona Skana Pleads Guilty to Brutal Killing of British Child

Update – November 27, 2020

Shocking details of the brutal murder of little Emily Jones have now been revealed in the new court hearing. Eltiona Skana, the killer of Emily, is seemingly pretending to be seen as schizophrenic while admitting once that it was pre-mediated murder. Daily Mail published the details.

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The British government and media continue to fiercely protect the identity and background of one of the worst criminal immigrants in Britain as she pled guilty last week to killing a 7-year-old girl in March at a park in Bolton.

Daily Mail reported that Eltiona Skana, 30, pled guilty to “unlawful killing” of Emily Jones on March 22. But the culprit, who is described in the media as an Albanian woman, denied calling her crime a murder as she appeared via a videolink at the Manchester Crown Court. Skana savagely attacked the little girl at the park with a knife and stabbed her to death.

The story published by the BBC is even more ridiculous. With less than 100 words, the “story” posted a long shot image of the crime scene and provides no details of the hearing, the culprit, the victim, or the attack. Worse, it doesn’t even include a single link to any other news stories, its own or other media outlets, of the brutal crime committed by Skana.

When a crime this heinous is committed anywhere in the world, one expects to see the details of the criminal – their picture, background, and details about their motivation behind the crime etc. However, the media have been so quiet about Skana that to date her picture has not been shown anywhere in the media. There is not a shred of information on when and how she got into Britain, whether she is here legally or illegally, what did she do for a living, and countless other questions. The media have been protecting her like a family member.

The British government by now has been exposed to the core as well in how they allow immigrant criminals to get in the country and commit all sorts of crimes targeting British people, frequently including children as their victims. Over decades, mass immigration has transformed Britain into a land infested with foreign criminals, Islamic terrorist, child traffickers, and literally every kind of destructive group of people one can imagine.

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