CDC Orders Masks on All Public Transportation as Federal Law

CDC Orders Masks on All Public Transportation as Federal Law

With the illegitimate presidency of Joe Biden that started January 20th, America has fallen to a dictatorial regime that is vindictive and aggressive in seizing civil rights and freedom. The latest manifestation of this dictatorship is the order issued by the CDC making it a federal crime to not wear a mask in a place of public transportation.

Reuters published the story about the order issued by the CDC, saying the order takes effect today (Monday) at midnight.

The CDC said people violating the order could potentially face criminal penalties but suggested civil penalties would be more likely if needed.

The story says the CDC’s order will be enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and federal, state, and local agencies. In other words, the public is muzzled by an order coming not from lawmakers but straight from the government agency as it has all the right to create and announce the law straight from its office and impose on the entire country.

Aside from the fact that CDC is an investor in the vaccine industry as it holds patents to the viruses used in vaccines, the authority of CDC making its laws is under question. David Knight discussed this in his latest show, included below.

It’s become obvious already what kind of future Americans have ahead of them with these corrupt and power-hungry agencies that are the extension of the liberal fascist forces of which Biden is a mere puppet. Even President Trump did not have the power to disband the CDC or other deep state operatives, though under his administration the CDC did not have the free hand to immediately enslave people via orders issued like it’s coming from the elected representatives.

The question of concern starting to hover on every free-spirited American is what is coming next in this dark time and how much slavery will they be subjected to in the coming days.

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