Call for Accountability of Greystone Aviation Services CEO for Animal Abuse

Call for Accountability of Greystone Aviation Services CEO for Animal Abuse

So hard for many of these voiceless life forms that seek love and comfort from their human companions; yet so easy for the heartless owners to abuse their pets as their personal property and then get away with the cruelty. Even when it is caught on tape!

A St. Bernard puppy
A St. Bernard puppy

Daniel Padilla, CEO of a luxury charter-jet company Greystone Aviation Services, is said to have beaten his 8-month-old puppy, Boston, brutally while the security camera in his building  in New York recorded the incident. A petition has been started online to bring Padilla to accountability. The problem seems to be with authorities – yes, again!

As the petition page says, “All charges against him have been mysteriously dropped and the dog is still in his care.” This is of great concern to all animal rights advocates and to anyone who cares about justice and accountability. Letting such crimes go unpunished means issuing a license to abuse of animals.

Caring readers can sign the petition online for holding Daniel Padilla responsible for animal cruelty.

3 thoughts on “Call for Accountability of Greystone Aviation Services CEO for Animal Abuse

  1. A Minimum punishment of anger management classes, for the sake of the dog and all the people around this man.
    Please remove the puppy to a safer place.

  2. I have actually know Mr. Padilla for years and he has had other dogs and he has always taken wonderful care of them. I am sure this was a heated moment and isolated incident.

  3. I have known Daniel for years also and I know the dog Daniel took great care of the dog , the video was just hear say and that’s why the charges were dropped also he had broke his wrist and was trying to get the dog in the elevator at the sometime as a bone was sticking out of his arm. Under that kind of distress things happen . But the dog was not hurt I had taken the dog for a walk the next day to help Daniel because he was going to have surgery the dog was fine. People just to stop believing everything they read in the paper and fined out the facts first and get the dogs name right his name was not Boston . Boston was one of 3 ST. Bearnard’s Daniel had rescued and he had passed away in 2011 after living a great life traveling the world he was 12 years old when passed a long life for a St. The dog in the elevator was not 8 months old he was 1y get the fact right .

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