Blasting for Oil – Presidet Obama’s ‘Huge Mistake’

Blasting for Oil – Presidet Obama’s ‘Huge Mistake’

Activists working toward environmental and ecological protection are disappointed at the US government’s new decision – allowing seismic blasting of the East Coast. They are calling yesterday’s decision on seismic blasting “Obama’s huge mistake” influenced by big oil.obama seismic blasting

Oceana is an international organization focusing on ocean conservation around the world. An email notification from Oceana, circulated today, informs that seismic blasting permits are going to be issued after the government’s decision, resulting in potential killing of over 130,000 marine mammals, including the endangered whales. Not only that, but thousands of people living in the coastal zone will be affected financially by blasting for oil exploration.

Oceana is protesting and campaigning against this decision of the government. A petition has been started on their website, which is addressed to President Obama and reads “Tell President Obama the seismic fight isn’t over.”

International Business Times wrote yesterday that oil companies operating in US “have been itching for decades” to stat drilling for oil off the East Coast but had been prevented so far by a moratorium. The paper wrote that the government estimates “harm” to about 140 thousand marine creatures, endangered whales and sea turtles included.


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