Bisons’ Final Day Out

Bisons’ Final Day Out

Slavery is all things anti-freedom. People or animals, once enslaved, become the property of their owners who decide about their life choices, even about their life. The killing of animals is the most horrifying example of such slavery that “civilized” society continues to live with.

Just yesterday, 15 bisons were killed – shot dead – in New York after they escaped from captivity. They were farm animals – reportedly bred for slaughtering at some point in their life – but before they could be killed in that way, they “broke loose”. In other words, they somehow “decided” to go free.

It has become part of human belief that wild, “roaming” animals are a threat to them and the stronger versions of this belief even cast their paranoid shadows on pets. Pit bulls and other dogs – are shot dead by police and other gun owners because they are perceived as threats. Since the law doesn’t require them to show enough – or any – proof of such “threats”, the killing of all such animals is exempted from accountability.

Those bisons were going to die anyway, or to be correct, were going to be killed anyway, because they were slaves of people. Their owner was going to have them slaughtered and make money off their blood. But since they escaped, got freedom, they immediately became “threats”. Any free living being is a threat in one way or another in this stifling human-centered civilization that is founded on slavery.

So in a way, they died free. They had an escape, had a day of freedom while their mean, cunning, born-anxious bipedal fellow evolutionary creatures kept stalking them and foaming over their daring act of escape. Since they could not get them back into the kind of slavery they were meant to be, all “concerned” parties agreed on getting them killed, though they didn’t harm anyone during all their hours of freedom. WAMC wrote the very expressive line: “Hours after they broke free, all of the animals were dead.” Yes, broke free is the word.

So yes, another shameful day for the civilized man, and another sad day for animal rights advocates some of whom are actually expressing their anger and sorrow on Facebook. That is the only relief to see somebody at least showing care in words, aside from the hours of freedom these innocent beings enjoyed in their final day out.

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