Biker Gift Buying Guide

Biker Gift Buying Guide

by Davie Reitze

You need a gift for a biker in your life. Maybe it’s a friend, family member, significant other, or just you. No matter who you’re giving it to, you want it to be thoughtful, affordable, and spectacular. That description covers pretty much anything from motorcycle aftermarket parts to apparel, so here are a few ideas to narrow your choices down.

Motorcycle Jacket

This is quite simply the gift that all motorcyclists want to receive. It doesn’t matter if they already have a whole closet of jackets, there’s always room for one more. If you’re not sure about size, this might take a little sleuthing, but it’s well worth it. When in doubt, choose one that matches your biker’s personality.

Bike Cover

Nobody wants to sit on a wet seat. A cover creates a protective tent around the whole motorcycle, keeping rain, dirt, and dust out. Many bikers lock their helmets on their bikes, leaving their head protection exposed to harmful UV rays. A high-quality motorcycle cover reduces the deterioration of helmet shells.

Quick-Release Keychain

A keychain may not seem thoughtful and personal, but it’s an excellent gift for motorcyclists. Pretty much everybody carries around a lot of keys these days. The last thing bikers need is 15 keys jangling in the wind and scratching up their motorcycles. A carabiner or clip lets them slip their other keys off and leave them in their pockets.


These don’t just make bikers look tough, they also protect their hands. Life is a lot easier when they have all of the skin on their palms. These biker accessories look great in leather or textile with different styles for various weather types.

Tool Bag

Tool bags are handy storage devices to have on any bike. You can use them to store anything from wallets and cell phones to tools for repairing a flat. They fit somewhere conveniently out of the way such as the handlebars or rear fender. Available for under $30, this is one of the few pieces of motorcycle luggage that doesn’t cost big bucks.

Tie-Down Straps

If you know a motorcyclist who is always on the go, these could be the perfect gift. When you’re securing a bike in a truck or trailer, you need to tie them down. Even if you already have a set, it’s always nice to have some backups. Straps get beat up on drives and lost during transportation, so extras come in handy.

Original Equipment

This is getting into “Friend of the Year Award” territory. Original equipment manufacturer parts are the stock units that make up everything from bolts to engine components on a motorcycle. They tend to be expensive, but they’re known for their reliable performance and easy installation. Getting some of the best OEM parts for Yamaha Moto 4 motorcycles, for instance, saves your friend cash and keeps their machines running in top condition.

They say it’s the thought that counts and all of these gifts show you put in a lot of consideration. If you want to be considerate of yourself, choose an online store with convenient services. Shop on the internet to save money and get the present delivered to the biker in your life.

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