Thali Set – The Vegetarian Visitor’s Treat in Nepal

Thali Set – The Vegetarian Visitor’s Treat in Nepal

Nepal is rich when it comes to food variety and taste. Local food has a lot of regional, mainly Indian flair. So you can expect the traditional Nepali/Indian Thali set at most/all restaurants and hotels.

The Thali set I tried in Dhulikhel was pretty much the same as I had seen numerous times in Indian movies or TV shows. It is essentially a combo meal served in a round metal tray—the ‘Thali’. The individual food members of the combo can vary from place to place but the essential concept is more or less preserved, I guess. It’s a serving of rice in the middle, surrounded by smaller portions of different vegetables along with appetizers like pickles and salad. There is a loaf of local bread (roti) and a serving of lentil.

You can expect the vegetables and appetizers of the Thali to be on the hot side. The rice is plain though and at least one component (in my Thai meal, the spinach) is just boiled or steamed.

Nutritionally the Thali set is quite healthy with its portion of green and vitamin-rich components. I believe it’s more alkaline and not hard on your stomach. It’s not expensive either and you can have a fair Thali set in under or at $3 at most of the places.

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