Australia: 3 More Students Catch Measles Even After Vaccination Campaign

Australia: 3 More Students Catch Measles Even After Vaccination Campaign

Even after a free on-spot vaccination campaign, three more students at a school in Perth, Australia, have caught measles. Were these three students vaccinated during the campaign? The media won’t say.

For one thing, Australia has become such a joke as the vaccine mafia rules the administration there. This story doesn’t say whether the 3 students catching the infection post-vaccination were vaccinated or not; yet, the principal resigned because he had an anti-vaccination stance in 2014 election!

The story tries to blame an unvaccinated student (no name or details disclosed for independent verification – something not to miss noticing) who returned from Italy with the disease and made the authorities think “possibly” – note this important word in the sentence – half of the school students were not vaccinated.

Possibly? If they really aren’t kidding, how difficult it is to ask the students or their guardians to produce their vaccination records? It would ordinarily just take a day or less to check the vaccination records of the students (assuming Australia has a computerized database of its students at schools) – maybe just a few hours or so.

And above all, when the free vaccination campaign was conducted, there can be no excuse in telling the media (without disclosing names) how many of the 3 newly infected students were vaccinated. Yes, there can be no excuse, but there certainly can be a very powerful motive – saving the vaccine from being exposed as ineffective.

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