Artist Maria Hasjim Talks about Colors, Mood, and Peace

Artist Maria Hasjim Talks about Colors, Mood, and Peace

by Michell Spoden

My guest today is a person who loves art for art’s sake, more of a hobby and not a profession. Let’s talk to Maria Agustina Ingewaty Hasjim, also known as Mary for short, from Indonesia.

Michell: Maria, please tell our readers a little about yourself.Maria Hasjim

Maria: I’m Indonesian, in my mid 50s, and work as a civil/government employee placed in a vocational high school in Bekasi. My father is from Java and my mother from Bandung. I was born in Jakarta, but now I live in Bekasi. Currently I serve as the Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling and am responsible to accompany the last class make choices for resume/career after graduation. I have a degree in Psychology, Education & Guidance.

Michell: What sort of artist do you consider yourself to be?

Maria: I’m not a professional artist and do artwork only as a hobby, for killing time, especially time after work when I’m home alone. I like to do painting and sometimes teach Art at the Park Primary School, plus I do some Studio Painting also. I do not mean to be an artist in the sense of a professional. I am happy to describe the things I saw or that caught my attention; I just love to do it. I had been a teacher of Art in The Park Primary School & Studio Painting also. And I had been a dancer and dance teacher too. I even had been a theater performer and teacher. Sometimes I also am asked to be in a jury for painting competitions or coloring picture events at various school levels. Sometimes I also make illustrations for books or magazines or do art for any friend who wants it for a birthday gift.

Michell: I noticed in your art work you use a lot of vibrant colors that are used over and over again in a lot of your work. What is the reason for this?

Maria: I like to paint what I see and I think to myself that I only feel nice to do that and like that kind of color. So my painting shows more about the situation around me. It is of course influenced by the feelings that arise in me response to the conditions that surround me. Sometimes I am in a more talkative mood through the color that I use, giving rise to its own cozy feeling inside me. I was never interested in changing my style of painting because I just made for my personal pleasure myself alone.

Michell: What does color mean to you? Does it equal to certain thoughts or feelings?

Maria: Color selection is influenced by mood and my feelings. The colors I use are usually more to my mood. Sometimes, for no particular reason, I so love the bright colors because I have always enjoyed the joy of living dynamic. I love the cheerful situations that make life so full of joy. I also want to share this joy with everyone around me. I want the atmosphere around me to always remain filled with the gratitude for all the grace that God has given us human beings all over the world. I want to be the bearer of joy to those around me. For me, color can invite a more cheerful mood in a variety of situations. Colors can make a mood brighter in some cases; or bring gloom in certain situations. Color plays an important role in creating a particular sense and atmosphere around us. Color determines the appearance and atmosphere of a situation that was created on each occasion.

Michell: What are some of your hobbies?

Maria: I have many hobbies. I love to read – all sorts of readings, from the nature of knowledge to the nature of entertainment. Until now I was on a Church Library Board. I also love to write and until recently, I also ran a church magazine. Even in my high school days, I had a business school magazine. Previously, I’d like to send short stories to magazines; that was around my elementary school in childhood. I also love to dance, especially my traditional dance. I have a diploma in Javanese dance and I had been a dancer and dance teacher. Then I also love to cook. I really like to try different types of cuisine and experiment with recipes. I even opened a business providing services and receive orders for cooked food.

Michell: What moves you or drives you to start a work of art?

Maria: Feeling moves me to start a work of art. Feeling is the dominating part of the art that I produce. What I produce generally reflects my view, I think and I want to happen in my surroundings. I respond to the atmosphere or situation that I see happening around me through the work that I created with the aim of creating a better atmosphere. I always wanted an atmosphere that makes people live peacefully and full of gratitude to the Creator God who created us all along with the earth and everything in it. God has created all that is good; we are also required to keep all our lives better.

Michell: Are you currently in any art groups on Facebook in order to share your art and network?

Maria: I used to share my art in art groups on Facebook. Sometimes I tell to illustrate a book or magazine. I just like to send my painting to various art communities on the FB in particular and to a few friends and art lovers who’ve asked me to send them my paintings. I like to share it just to see the response and would like to share feelings and joy with those around. The point is to create a world that is always full of gratitude and peace.

Michell: Are you involved with any humanitarian type of efforts?

Maria: I was much more engaged in the fields of spirituality and education. I’m not interested in those contaminated political movements. So basically I just want people to be better human beings and the environment as a private entity and not on behalf of any political party. What I do is in the name of the personal to the universal human welfare and the world as a moral responsibility to the Creator who has created us as perfect beings in this universe and its contents.

Michell: In closing, please let us know what your future goals are.

Maria: I always wanted to be useful to the people around me and do the best in my life; give testimony to my faith; be a blessing to those who need it; be ready to help according to the best of my abilities. I want to give the best of me. I want to create peace and comfort to live in the community around me and spread the gift of love distinction or discrimination in all respects; to do things with sincerity without expectation of reward or remuneration; to bring about peace in this life in every way. I aspire to make this world full comfort of living for all people who live in it.

Michell: Maria thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!

Visit Maria Hasjim’s website to learn more about her and her work.

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