Animal Rescuer and Advocate Needs Help

Animal Rescuer and Advocate Needs Help

Eddie Cintron has been working toward dog rescue causes for years and his efforts led to the consideration of including training for cops in New York on non-lethal handling of dogs. Eddie has been challenged with disability now and is waiting for his social security to start paying for his expenses.Eddie and Lattimore

Meanwhile he needs help with rent. The following message by him is being reposted here from the fundraiser page set up to help with his rent for the month of July. Please help as little or as much as possible.

Thank you.

A Helping Hand

As anyone knows one has to apply for Social Security ahead of time which I wasn’t able to do as I lost my job immediately due to my spinal condition so I then had to apply and that is a lengthy process.

This is my only resort to be able to keep my dog Lattimore as this apartment welcomed him when I had a hard time trying to find a place.

As a responsible dog owner I will not give him up for adoption or a shelter as we know what happens when no adopters are found and the breed is a pit bull breed.

I am more than willing to supply the email my caseworker sent me on my case via personal message as these are medical records that are confidential.

I want to be able to finish the great work we started in getting state wide training for officers in handling unfamiliar dogs as I am working with Sen. Ted O’Brien on this matter.

But, I need to be able to hold down my apartment as I have applied for disability and it’s just a process one has to wait for their confirmation.

Thank you for supporting me as I know what the community wants to see is getting training for all police agencies. I will continue to work on this with your support.

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