Air Pollution in US, Hong Kong Causes Health Concerns

Air Pollution in US, Hong Kong Causes Health Concerns

Poor air quality in parts of US and Hong Kong has triggered health concerns lately.air pollution

Diana Aguilera’s story on The Fresno Bee, published 3rd of January, informs that air quality in four counties in San Joaquin Valley, CA, was rated unhealthy due to high soot levels, which result from combustion of various sources, both natural and anthropogenic. Public in the respective areas was urged to stay indoors far as possible.

Burning wood in fireplaces has been prohibited already in majority of the valley and people violating the law are subject to fine. Respiratory sickness has increasingly been reported in the valley lately due to poor air quality.

At the same time, Bloomberg News reported that in Hong Kong today, a high health risk was declared by the Environmental Protection Department on account of polluted air. Air quality was rated 8 on Hong Kong’s Air Quality Health Index, meaning high risk for people with heart or respiratory conditions.

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