AG Barr Orders Legal Action against Governors Violating Civil Rights

AG Barr Orders Legal Action against Governors Violating Civil Rights

The political agenda underlying the coronavirus infection (COVID 19) scare is clear by now to anyone with a functional brain. The leftists want to keep America under shutdown and lockdown and destroy it as much as possible because they can’t rule it. This conflict is now teeming on legal front as the governors of different sates get to decide when to allow people the freedom to return to normal business.

Since the Democrat Party’s governors in liberal majority states want to extend the shutdowns and keep people tethered to their house doors, they have been using law enforcement to harass and intimidate their residents who decide to defy the stay-at-home orders and go out in public for normal life activities. This oppression of people is the direct result of abuse of law by governors and mayors who want people to surrender their basic rights to them. In other words, they are enslaving people in 21st century America.

Attorney general William Barr reportedly ordered federal prosecutors across the country to “consider legal action” against those governors who violate the civil rights of their state’s residents by issuing any such orders in response to the coronavirus emergency that the country has been subjected to for two months now. Barr’s orders came in form of a memo sent to the federal attorneys across the country.

These orders of AG Barr mark a significant step in the direction of protecting people from being enslaved by public office holders who use health emergencies to create oppressive laws for political reasons and take away people’s liberties that the constitution allows them.

One thought on “AG Barr Orders Legal Action against Governors Violating Civil Rights

  1. I contacted my Attorney General in Ohio at the beginning of COVID19 to initiate Checks & Balances and the insane man thought because it was a State Emergency he could not practice checks and balances. Apparently, he failed political science in school.

    I also contacted Attorney General Barr. I am so thankful he understands Checks & Balances always apply.

    The Ohio AG needs fired.

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