Advantages and Viability of Cloud Video Editing

Advantages and Viability of Cloud Video Editing

by Charles Harlon 

Video editors are constantly improving over time, with new features being added and the effectiveness of current features being improved. However over the course of the last year or so the one feature that has really had a big impact is the rise of inbuilt cloud video editing capabilities.

Image @ movavi
Image @ movavi

If you’re familiar with cloud services then you can probably guess what cloud video editing entails. Essentially videos that are being worked on will be stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed from anywhere and not tied to one particular device.

Convenient Access and Collaboration

The main advantage of cloud video editing is that it makes it more convenient to access videos that are being edited – and collaborate with others as well. For teams that are working on creating video content, having videos stored on the cloud will mean that everyone on the team will have access to the latest version.

Also considering mobile devices are being used to edit videos more regularly nowadays, cloud-based video editing does increase their viability. It will help address the mostly-limited storage space on such devices by enabling videos to be stored on the cloud and only downloaded when necessary.

Viable – But Not Perfect

Overall cloud video editing has certainly become much more viable nowadays compared to what it was. However it is far from perfect – mostly because it is often limited by the quality and speed of the internet connection.

When a video is to be edited, it will need to be uploaded. Depending on the file size of the video and speed of the internet connection, that could take anything from a couple of minutes to several hours. Naturally the situation is similar when a video needs to then be downloaded off the cloud.

For mobile devices specifically the necessity of having an internet connection can often be further impeded by the download and upload limitations on mobile internet. On the whole these issues can all be overcome, but it means that cloud video editing is still best when all factors can be taken into account and optimized.

In most cases if you are inexperienced and just want to be able to edit your videos then it would be far better to look for a user-friendly video editor instead. It would be worth your while to look into Movavi Video Editor due to the fact that it has a good reputation in that regard.

Should you choose to use Movavi Video Editor you won’t be disappointed by the features that it provides. With it you can easily cut and merge video segments, apply filters and special effects, enhance the video quality, add background music, insert text fields, and much more.

Suffice to say it has everything that you could want out of a video editing software for Windows. Because of how intuitive and user-friendly it is, it probably won’t take you very long to get used to Movavi Video Editor and start to edit your videos using it.

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Charles Harlon is a video blogger and content creator who likes to pursue creative ways of producing videos. He keeps a keen eye on any trends and developments in video creation and editing.

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