WorldnBrief: Trump Acts against Terror, Pakistani Premier/Family Exposed, and More

WorldnBrief: Trump Acts against Terror, Pakistani Premier/Family Exposed, and More

Trump Ends CIA Support for Syrian Rebels/Terrorists

Keeping yet another of his election campaign promises, President Donald Trump ended CIA support for the so-called Syrian rebels. Big news for sure, but the left-aligned media – repeatedly beaten down by Trump for fake news and propaganda – is not making a big deal of it. Likely the media has learnt that no matter what proportions they take their propaganda to, it will fire back and strike another blow to its shaky credibility.

Support for anti-Assad terrorist in Syria had been a key focus of Obama’s foreign policy, obviously catering to the political needs of Saudi/Sunni radical ideology that wants all Shia states under the rule of fundamentalist Sunni domination. Russian President Putin has been defending Assad’s Syria against the Obama-sponsored threats and the terrorist are on the weakest footing since Trump took office.

Pakistan’s Ruling Family Exposed for Lies and Forgery

Over the past year, since the Panama revelations, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family have been exposed as big liars. Caught in the scandal of the undisclosed ownership of foreign offshore companies and apartments in Central London, the Sharifs have been giving contradictory and inconsistent statements in self-defense leading to the formation of a JIT that found admission of fake/fabricated documents by the Sharifs. Now the apex court of the country is to decide what to do with the Panama case against the Sharifs – disqualification, criminal conviction for forgery and perjury leading to imprisonment, or (as some fear) a slap on the wrist.

Qatar Stands by Its Sovereignty

Small but rich Qatar has acted cocky as its neighbors – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and others – cut their ties with the gas-rich state in order to pressure it into complying on some demands relating Qatar’s foreign policy. Instead of giving in, Qatar has actually stood its grounds and asserted its right to sovereignty against Saudi-UAE bullying. Perhaps the most outrageous demand of the Gulf gang is closure of the globally popular Aljazeera TV channel. Qatar rejected the demands. So good job by a small fish surrender by sneaky sharks.

Vaxxed Continues to Screen against Witch-Hunt from Mafias

The film that brought to screen the mega fraud of the CDC, featuring the data manipulation in a key research on autism and MMR vaccine, Vaxxed continues to be the target of MMM – the medical-media mafia. In Australia, the latest screening event venue is reportedly being kept secret until hours before the screening time. Vaccines continue to kill and cripple children and adults across the world but thanks to mainstream corporate propaganda media, it is declared safe and effective.

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