What Should You Do if You are Injured Playing a Sport?

What Should You Do if You are Injured Playing a Sport?

by Daniel Bell

Life would be nothing without a little fun once in a while. Sports can provide a great form of entertainment for many people all over the world. They can be a useful way for people to engage in healthy competition with one another. Not to mention that most sports are also pretty good exercise. However, that is not to say that things can’t go wrong; of course they can.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, somebody gets hurt playing the sport they love. Most of the time, this will be down to a mere accident. In this cases, there will be no hard feelings – although the injured party might still need some care. At other times, it might even be a little malicious. However it happens, being injured playing a sport is no fun for anyone involved. If this happens to you or someone you know, there is a specific order of actions you should carry out. Read on to find out what they are.sports

Stop Play

It should go without saying, but if somebody is injured, you should stop play immediately. If there is a referee or something similar in play, then hopefully they will have spotted the incident and stopped the game already. However, if that hasn’t happened, make sure that it does. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly it is to avoid any further injury occurring. The last thing the injured person wants is for play to continue around them while they are in pain.

Check For Injuries

If there is a medical professional around, then now is the time to get them involved. However, even if there is not, you should do your best to check for injuries. It is possible that a player simply fell, and that they will be okay in a matter of moments. However, you never know until somebody checks, so make sure that is done as soon as possible. Any injuries which have been sustained might get worse the longer you leave it, so be careful not to let this happen.

Call For Help

If you find an injury, it is time to call for help. For more severe injuries, call the emergency services. This should take a priority above all else. Make sure that this is done before anything else happens. If anyone has first aid training, get them to look after the person until the ambulance arrives.

Inform Your Lawyer

If you are injured while playing, it is essential that you inform your lawyer, if you have one. If you do not, it might be time to look into getting one on a one-time basis. When you are hiring a lawyer, be sure to find an appropriate one. Hire a closed head injury attorney if that is what you are suffering with, for example. It pays to be legally protected in circumstances such as these.
Reflect & Adapt

After an incident such as this, it is always advisable to spend some time reflecting on what happened. In this way, you can find out whether there was anything which could have been avoided, for example. That way, you can then adapt your gameplay to make it safer in the future.

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