Two Innocent Dogs Facing Execution in Monroe County, MI

Two Innocent Dogs Facing Execution in Monroe County, MI

The following email message is asking supporting voices to join the call for saving the life of two innocent dogs from being executed over a baseless accusation in Michigan.

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Nala and Bugger aren’t vicious dogs — but thanks to an outdated law from the 1900s, they’re set to be euthanized March 14.Nala and Bugger

In May 2013, Janni and Katalin Juhasz’s beloved pets got out of the house and were found in a barn with two dead pigs. A hearing officer determined the dogs killed the pigs — even though they had no evidence, and the pets may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nala and Bugger are now set to be euthanized in accordance with a law from the early 1900s that protects poultry or livestock from attacks.

Nala and Bugger don’t deserve such cruel punishment for a crime no one can prove they committed. That’s why I started a petition on Care2 to help save Nala and Bugger. Will you sign it?

These pets were likely in the wrong place at the wrong time, and euthanizing them is needlessly cruel. There’s still time for an appeal, but we need your help.

Urge the Monroe County, MI Commissioner’s Office and Monroe County Dog Warden to reverse their decision to euthanize Nala and Bugger — before it’s too late.

Thank you for taking action,

Linda B.
Care2 Member

3 thoughts on “Two Innocent Dogs Facing Execution in Monroe County, MI

  1. Hi there, when I got the petition in my email inbox I immediately signed it as I have seen and heard of too many innocent dogs dying in recent years. Then I read allot more articcles on this case and was furious. I went by the statements made by the owners of the dogs in various articles as well as other indicviduals and the circumstances. These dogs aren’t innocent and once a dog shows bloodlust and kills to kill it does need to be put down or put in an enviroment to where it can’t harm another animal. I don’t see that as the case with these owners. The dogs had already killed chickens and were a good 2 miles from home caught attacking the pigs. I’m more concerned over the animals they have harmed as I have been in the same situation before with viscous dogs that kill to kill that have wrecked havoc on my area. I triewd to get my name off the petition and such hasn’t happened over the last 24 hrs. It taught me not to immediately do a gut reaction sign without checking the facts and brought up another issue now with causes you used to be able to remove your name esasily from petitions if you changed your mind for whatever reason and can’t now

    1. Excuse me Kathy, what a shame, you probably don’t read the same news. These dogs are innocent there is a forensic report it is a proof that they did not kill the pigs. It is obvious they were framed. They were wrong place wrong time. How can you not see it. These dogs will be saved and willl be return to their home. i would not leave a comment like you did, 46,000 signed and understand the situation. The owner of pigs don’t have proof that they did this. These dogs are not vicious, they are spoiled. Not trained to attacked. Sorry lady your are way out of line. Family pets remember!!!!!!!

    2. How do you know that the dogs killed chickens? Because the woman who owned the pigs claims that this is true. How do you know that the dogs were caught in the act of killing these pigs? Because the woman who owned the pigs claims that this is true. Indeed, she claims that a lot of things are true. I personally believe that the dogs are innocent because I do not trust people who try to sell multiple versions of the same story or who exaggerate details that are inconsistent with evidence. To me, this is a huge warning bell that there is deceit involved. Whether she is telling the truth or not, and I seriously doubt that she is, these dogs and their owner deserve a fair and impartial day in court. Let madame pig farmer answer to the inconsistencies in her story and let the evidence be considered. As for the idea of blood lust, that is just silly. Dogs are omnivores, of course they like meat.:-)

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