Study Fails to Relate COVID 19 to Blood Clots Found in Autopsy

Study Fails to Relate COVID 19 to Blood Clots Found in Autopsy

While the COVID 19 “pandemic” hoax gets exposed day by day thanks to the voice and work of skeptics and independent health experts, trying to make COVID 19 a lot scarier is the establishment needs to scare people into compliance with restrictions and future vaccination. Hence a new study making front page news on Yahoo (of course).

The study was published in EClinialMedicine (published by The Lancet) under the title “Megakaryocytes and platelet-fibrin thrombi characterize multi-organ thrombosis at autopsy in COVID-19: A case series” on June 25, 2020. Yahoo news took the story from Business Insider and posted it under the title “An NYU pathologist says blood clots were found in ‘almost every organ’ of coronavirus patients’ autopsies” yesterday (July 10). The title is sufficient for making the average, unsuspecting reader jump to the inference that the coronavirus is causing blood clots in patients who are falling dead. But to the informed reader and critical thinker, it’s far from anywhere near that case.

While the Business Insider story puts its twist on the study by creating the misleading statement “autopsy studies are helping doctors understand how the coronavirus attacks the body,’ the actual study says nothing like this. It says:

We hypothesized that post-mortem examination would improve our understanding of the reasons for multi-organ failure and thrombosis in COVID-19.

It means the study’s authors say they are hypothesizing (assuming) that doing these post-mortem examinations would help them understand the reasons for thrombosis that they see in COVID 19 patients, NOT that it would help them understand how the coronavirus attacks the body. These are two entirely different statements with entirely different meanings. And it should go without saying. But the establishment media’s lies are of course well-known and widely exposed by now. So no surprises here.

Now the study itself is pretty interesting. It says that a doctor with her team did autopsies on some patients in a New York hospital and 7 of those autopsies revealed that the patients (who had COVID 19) had blood clots in different organs. That essentially is all what the study says. No claim about the coronavirus having a role in causing thrombosis. But even with this, the study has problems that make it questionable.

  1. The study has a ridiculously low number of subjects (patients): only seven (7) patients. There is no mention of whether autopsy was performed specifically on these 7 patients or these 7 are only the ones chosen for the sake of discussion. This writer’s assumption is that these were the ones; if there are others, their number if unknown/undisclosed.
  2. All the patients were suffering from a range of other diseases and health conditions ranging from obesity and high cholesterol to heart disease, cancer, lung disease, hypertension, and others. More than one of these is known to cause thrombosis. There is no basis for associating thrombosis with coronavirus infection.
  3. The study concludes without evidence that these 7 people died of COVID 19.

In this series of seven autopsies in patients who succumbed to COVID-19, there are several unifying themes observed in the histopathology.

With the existence of far more dangerous health issue in these patients, calling COVID 19 as the cause of death without due forensic process and discussion of these cases is an unscientific presumption.

  1. The patients in the study were tested for COVID 19 using the Cepheid testing method, which has already been found unreliable.
  2. The declaration of competing interest included with the published study shows that 5 out of 12 authors declared receiving some of kind of financial or (in one case) non-financial support from pharmaceutical/medical companies including Merck, AstraZeneca, Abbott Vascular, even though they say the support declared by them is not for this particular study. Yet it undermines the credibility and claim to independence of these researchers who are part of the study.

In short, the study in question is insignificant and proves nothing. What it does prove is that third-grade research like this is good material for click-bait propaganda media that runs its results as a conclusion that COVID 19 can cause blood clots in your body and kill you.

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