Michigan’s Human Microchipping Law Raises Privacy Concerns

Michigan’s Human Microchipping Law Raises Privacy Concerns

Last month, the Michigan House of Representatives passed the legislation Microchip Protection Act, which allows employers to have their employees chipped with tiny radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips. The law required that the chipping must be optional, meaning employees would not be required to necessarily get chipped.


Though the optional nature of the microchipping in the legislation seems to allow freedom of choice, skeptics are concerned about the privacy and potential abuse of microchipping people. Steve Alexander on Repub.Li brought up some serious problems that potentially come with this practice, mainly privacy and protection of data from tech-savvy criminals.

With everyone walking around with a unique identifier, privacy is out the window. It will be very difficult to prevent 3rd parties from reading the unique identifier on the tag.

The microchipping legislation is tabled at the State Senate and if they pass it, Governor Whitmer is expected to sign it into law.

The concerns of skeptics are not unfounded since most oppression starts with testing the waters. Once the oppressor realizes that people are docile or unsuspecting enough to allow a certain loss of freedom/privacy, they don’t take long to move ahead with the bigger plan and take away more freedom and rights of their subjects.


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