Save James from Forced Gender Change, Urges Petition

Save James from Forced Gender Change, Urges Petition

More than 150, 000 concerned citizens have now signed a petition to save James, a 6-year-old boy in Texas whose mother is hell-bent on making him a girl.

The custody battle for six-year-old James Younger was reported last year by Church Militant and a number of other sources, by which account the boy’s mother, Anne Georgulas, has been forcing James to dress as a girl and prepare for “gender transition”. She also calls him a female name – Luna.

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James’s father, however, treats him as a normal boy and wants him to grow up as one. At school and with other kids, in absence of his mother, James identifies and behaves as a boy.

More recently, Anne Georgulas has filed a case in a family court. According to the petition on, the case seeks to deny the father the child’s custody and to order the “social transitioning” therapy for the boy meant to prepare him for “chemical castration” at age 8.

Although mainstream media, acting in accordance with pro-trans-genderist agenda of the left, is not spotlighting this case of child abuse at the hands of his mother, concerned citizens across the country who know of the story are worried about the continued abuse of James in form of forced gender-transitioning by his mother.

The petition to save James is addressed to multiple lawmakers from Texas, including Senator Ted Cruz, and to date has been signed by more than 155, 000 people. The petition nots that James’s father Jeff is fighting all alone to protect his son from this abuse while the boy’s mother has financial backing and support.

What is making human and child rights advocates particularly worried for James’s well-being is the approach of the courts that have dealt the case. The petition page notes:

Courts have enjoined Jeff from dressing James as a boy at school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender.


11 thoughts on “Save James from Forced Gender Change, Urges Petition

  1. This mother should be arrested for child abuse. She should also lose her custody right. What will happen to this poor boy when he gets grown & wants to be a man & have his own children? This is sick, demonic, disgusting, & the Mother should be locked away in a Mental hospital forever.

    1. Amen Melisa. This is so wrong let that boy alone and let his father have cuatody of both the boys. How in the world allow a mother do this. God decided James is to be a boy. Something needs to done. Our leaders are too busy everyday nitpicking our president. Someone needs to stand for the morals and values and not pervert this nation any more that it is.

  2. A child his age doesn’t understand these things, and these kinds of things shouldn’t be forced on a child who’s not old enough to make any decisions for himself or who’s not even old enough to understand. This is child abuse.

    1. My heart goes out to this father. There is no doubt God is with him and will use this case to save our children and abolish unjust laws. My prayers unite with multitudes of believers and the courts of heaven until we see this ruling overturned. We serve a Mighty and Just God! Hold on James, you are surrounded with God’s Holy angels and people who care about you and your Dad. The prayers of the saints will see victory!!!

  3. CPS should be taking this mothers rights away! Dressing and calling this little boy a girl and confusing him all these years is child abuse!!!

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