Ray Rice, Abuse of Women, and Media

Ray Rice, Abuse of Women, and Media

If you never watch NFL, much like me, chances are you would still have known Ray Rice by now. The guy is all over the media with two security camera videos showing him hitting his partner and dragging her out of the elevator, apparently unconscious.RayRiceESPN

Tough to keep count of the many investigations being launched now into his case. Meanwhile, the madding buzz keeps him alive in the press with questions raised about NFL’s seriousness in punishing its players in light of evidence of their violence toward women. What made the partner stay with an abusive man and other questions like these are heard repeatedly in electronic media and on social media sites.

What about TV channels that make these players celebs by creating various games and fantasies around them? This Is Personal is asking ESPN to remove the offensive team name “Beats by Ray”, a fantasy football team name after Ray Rice; but also, interestingly, another NFL player named Ray McDonald was also reportedly arrested recently for domestic violence toward his pregnant girlfriend.

The question involves the nature of publicity media should or shouldn’t offer to players found involved in abusing women. They say real men never hit women. What about real media?

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