Rapid Fire with Juston Graber

Rapid Fire with Juston Graber

On Word Matters! Entertainment today I am having a Rapid Fire round with Juston R. Graber. Enjoy!

1. LA or New York

Juston R. Graber
Juston R. Graber


2. Rambo or Terminator

JG: Rambo

3. Flight or Driving

JG: Flight

4. Quiet or Party

JG: Party

5. Cat or Dog

JG: Cat

6. Sigourney Weaver or Michelle Pfeiffer

JG: Sigourney Weaver

7. Mom or Dad

JG: Dad

8. Whiskey or Wine

JG: Whiskey

9. Rate in order of importance: wealth, health, fame, character

JG: Character, Health, Wealth, Fame

10. First thing you’ll do if you become God for 10 minutes

JG: Bring back our fallen so that they could spend that 10 minutes with their families.

11. The film character you wish you had played

JG: I cannot answer this question because each actor was cast for very specific reasons. The characters that I have not been cast to play, I was not right for those roles. I try to stay humble and refrain from comparing myself with the talent and success of others.

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