Rapid Fire with Joseph Matthew Nespoli

Rapid Fire with Joseph Matthew Nespoli

Author of Daddy Versus the Suck Monster , Joseph Matthew Nespoli, opts for the ones that rock for him, and his humor bone.Joseph Nespoli

1: Books or Looks

JMN: Books

2: Party or Football

JMN: Hmm. A Football Party?

3: Whiskey or Coffee

JMN:  Whiskey… except for Sundays – then coffee.

4: Obama or Romney

JMN: Obama, but only by default

5: But or Butt

JMN: Butt

6: Cat or Dog

JMN: A dog named cat.

7: Sweet or Sour

JMN: Sweet.

8: Nicole Kidman or Gina Davis

JMN: Gina Davis.

9: Heart or Brain

JMN: Brain.

10: The Bride or The Boys

JMN: Wow, you’re trying to get me into trouble. The Boys, obviously.

See some more from Joseph Matthew Nespoli at https://thedadanswers.com/.

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