Polio Vaccination Paralyzed Nearly Half a Million Children in India

Polio Vaccination Paralyzed Nearly Half a Million Children in India

One disturbing piece of news about polio vaccination that was conveniently ignored by corporate propaganda leamsteram media worldwide is the recent revelation of a staggering number of paralysis cases caused by polio vaccination in India.

The number of what they call Acute Flaccid Paralysis, or AFP for short, stands at nearly half a million, as found by a recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (published August 15, 2018). The Hindu reported that the study led by Jacob Puliyel of New Delhi’s St. Stephen’s Hospital showed the number of AFP cases caused directly or indirectly by oral polio vaccine (OPV) administered between 2000 and 2017 stands at more than 490,000.

The study also correlated the number of AFP cases reported in India with the frequency of oral polio vaccination campaigns—what they call the “pulse polio rounds”. In other words, the more vaccine they administered, the more children came down with this kind of paralysis. The researchers of the present study were cited in the paper as:

Our study found that NPAFP rate in these States was high in those years when the number of pulse polio rounds conducted was high.

And then of course comes the interesting part—the justification of oral polio vaccination in face of these shocking stats of paralysis epidemic brought about by the vaccine. The researchers are reported to have gone on “commending the government for its enormous efforts towards polio eradication”. Really?

But of course, if you are a professional and you dare challenge the practice of vaccination, whether you are in the super-power developed nations or in slum-ridden countries, your career is over and you may even be harmed in more serious ways. So it makes sense when researchers endorse polio vaccination. Personal safety and job security come first.  

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7 thoughts on “Polio Vaccination Paralyzed Nearly Half a Million Children in India

      1. Both links you share have no credibility – the author in the paper cited is a CDC employee which is where his/her credibility ends. And the second is a leftist propaganda outlet (the same working for vaccine mafia) that cites WHO as a source and lies about no evidence when the correlation is published by the Indian medical source. Your comment is BS.

  1. YourNewsWire spreaded the false news about Bill Gates not vaccinating his children. There was of course no name of the supposed doctor who said that and Bill Gates said it ”behind closed doors”. YourNewsWire is known to spread misinformation on the internet only rednecks believe.

    1. There is also no proof that he didn’t say that – and if a name is a must, the entire anti-Trump Ukraine drama was based on a so-called whistle-blower claim that was never named. But idiots and ignorant trolls pounced on it – and propaganda cartels led by CNN and NYT were on it round-the-clock. Only dummies believe those leftist fake news mobs.

  2. Amazing how trolls work. The article is about the polio injury of many caused by vaccines.
    And Ed, Edd and Eddy here ‘on-guard’ and ‘attack’ the statement about Bully-boy not vaxing his kiddies.
    Far out!, how shallow do these people insist to be?
    Actually, we should stop asking questions like that. The universe obviously sees it as a challenge.
    Truth is, the reality is very sad and these court cases such as in India against his satanic foundation, drag on for years while Bullyboy and his imps sows their sub-human seeds of arrogance and evil and destroy more lives and families.
    I refer to sub human because compassion is what makes us human. True it is also a weakness but if you are devoid of compassion you are not a true human but an empty vessel.
    All the children ever injured by vaccines are real, they feel, they hurt, they love, and THAT Bullyboy, is not anything that you can truly dominate.
    Love to all these children and adults. Love to everyone reading this and in need of love.
    Nothing beats LOVE.
    Not even a Bullyboy and the ‘Eddies’ of life.
    LOVE to the ‘Eddies’ also.

    The India and African Polio injuries are part of the aim to population control. I will not post a link to sustantiate this but I will share this one link: refer to the fertility experiment. And the rest is also interesting read.

    You have a right to inform yourself.

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