Petition to Get US Army Quit Its Animal Cruelty

Petition to Get US Army Quit Its Animal Cruelty

by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Crying white piglet in girls hand on farm

PCRM is taking a bold step today—and we need your help.

We’re launching phase II of our campaign to get the U.S. Army to end its cruel and shameful use of animals in medic training. This is a major effort to get Congress to pass the BEST Practices Act, which would require the Department of Defense to stop using animals in military combat trauma training.

I’m turning to our most passionate supporters to urge their representative to co-sponsor this critical legislation today.

Our goal is to get 10,000 petitions to Congress in the next 48 hours. Please Mr. Dempsey, add your name now!

PCRM’s team is working around the clock on this multifaceted campaign:

  • Meeting with individual members of Congress and pressuring them to support the BEST Practices Act.
  • Demonstrating grassroots support by flooding congress with petitions to sponsor and pass this legislation.
  • Generating media coverage of this issue with the help of veterans.
  • Sharing videos (like this one) images, stories, and research to educate decision makers and everyday Americans.

There is truly no need for our military medics to train by stabbing, shooting, burning, and sawing off the limbs of innocent pigs and goats! Simulators are much more realistic and effective … and certainly more compassionate.


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