PETA Workers Caught on Cam Stealing Dog Later Killed

PETA Workers Caught on Cam Stealing Dog Later Killed

In the past, we’ve heard disturbing reports of animal killing by PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Now, a recent report of a dog stolen and killed by PETA strikes a big blow at the organization’s reputation.petadogstealing

The incident happened in October, as reported in detail on HamptonRoads, in Accomack County, VA. A 3-year-old Chihuahua named Maya was picked from her house’s porch by a PETA worker arriving in a van marked PETA while the CCTV cam of the house recorded the incident.

Three days later, as the story reported, PETA sent the owner a fruit basket as a “token of apology” informing that the dog has been euthanized. This was a shock to the owner and his little daughter who knew Maya as family. But it is also a shock to all those viewers and animal rights advocates who support animal rights organizations like PETA with donations or other kinds of contribution because they believe PTEA saves lives.

The role of the judicial system has again been disappointing and lopsided. The police in this case seems to have done its job dutifully as Sheriff Todd Godwin booked and charged the accused in light of the evidence from the footage. But the Commonwealth Attorney’s act of dropping charges tells its own story about the judicial system’s failure of their responsibility.

Arin Greenwood on Huffington Post expressed concern over PETA’s silence on the incident. Her article came with a video showing part of the CCTV footage and a video of WAVY’s reporter trying to get a statement from PETA on the incident but to no avail.

May is not coming back but the incident has lessons to teach: be extra watchful for anyone near your house; keep surveillance cameras, and immediately inform media and police on the first clue of anyone stealing your pet.




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