Pakistan: 3 Children Killed by Vaccination, Vaccinator Flees

Pakistan: 3 Children Killed by Vaccination, Vaccinator Flees

Update: Some updated stories are now naming measles vaccine as the one leading to the death and sudden illness of children in Nawab Shah.

In the ongoing nightmare of vaccine mafia’s crime against humanity, three children have died and seven others are seriously ill after they were vaccinated in Nawab Shah, Sindh province, in Pakistan.

Geo News published the story informing that the children were administered vaccines as part of “routine immunization” by a lady health worker, and soon after vaccination the children fell seriously ill. Three children died while seven others are under treatment at a hospital.

Meanwhile, the lady health worker who vaccinated the children fled before police raided her house.

The story has left important details out, whether deliberately or because of sloppy reporting standards. There is no mention of the ages of children, no information on what vaccines were administered to them, and no information on the identity of the vaccinator who escaped police arrest/inquiry.

As always, the medical authorities are pretending they are not sure what caused the deaths and that they will investigate. But people who are aware of the vaccine mafia’s crimes know that nothing is going to stop the big black business of vaccination—the money earned with blood-stained tools and hands.

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