Oppose Oil and Gas Drilling in the Arctic

Oppose Oil and Gas Drilling in the Arctic

Saving the oceans from the hazards of oil industry is an ongoing struggle among the environmental activist groups. In recent years, it’s the safety of Arctic against contamination caused by the oil industry that has been worrying the environmental activists. Among others, it includes a new plan of the US government to open the Arctic for oil drilling.arcticdrilling

The concern over the potential threat to marine life in the Arctic underlies the petition titled Say NO to Drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Addressed to Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Secretary Jewell, the petition tells that the US government is planning to allow oil and gas drilling in the Arctic for the period 2017 to 2022.

“Impacts from oil and gas operations oil and gas drilling will introduce significant noise, pollution, and traffic into this fragile environment,” warns the petition.

Both the government and the oil companies have shared no evidence that drilling in Arctic will be safe for the marine life or that they can operate “responsibly” in Arctic waters.

The petition is aiming at 10K signatures, and to date, it has added nearly 3800 names in support.

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