Open Letter to Brigitte Bardot from Russia!

Open Letter to Brigitte Bardot from Russia!

by Mikhail Novikov

Dear Brigitte Bardot! Please, help stop this barbarity! The officials in Russian Federation BURN PIGS ALIVE!.

Brigitte Bardot

This video is from Voronezh region. July 2013. It is the reporting of “1КАНАЛ” (it is the most known TV company of Russia): The journalist says that the police interfered with photo-shootings of this reporting. The journalist says that they were compelled to remove the graphic video footage from this reporting because of censorship.

In this report, witnesses tell about how officials burned animals alive. The eyewitnesses wrote about it here (it is a website of these farmers; auto-translation available at this link). They tell that after being set on fire, pigs jumped out of the burning pit. In this photo below, you can see a pig who got out of the fiery pit with its head burnt.

Burning of animals alive is not the only case of animal cruelty in the Russian Federation. It is done absolutely with impunity in the Russian Federation. At the beginning of this digest of reporting, you can see 2 reports of the largest Russian mass media about similar cases (the reporting of the largest newspaper of Russia KP.RU and the reporting of the largest news agency of the Rostov region of Russia of DONNEWS):

In February 2012, the officials of Bataysk burned stray dogs alive. In February 2011, the officials of Nizhny Novgorod Russia pig burningburned herd of horses alive: (see video; further, in this video digest, the detailed story about the reasons of it and about the status of animals in the modern Russian Federation – in English). But for the most part, such cases remain unknown. The known cases are only those which occur on private farms.

The reason of it is absolute lack of public control over officials and unbridled corruption in the Russian Federation. Officials do it for the economy of budget money on euthanasia of animals. They appropriate the rest of money for themselves. In 2012, Princess Maja Hohenzollern (the known activist for the rights of animals) wrote an open letter to the ex-president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev (who now is the prime minister of the Russian Federation) against this barbarity. She published the Open Letter on 2 own web-pages on Facebook (personal and public): She sent this letter to the official website of the Kremlin many times. She wrote here about it too:

But the president and the government of the Russian Federation ignored the letter of Princess Maja Hohenzollern. Now the officials of the Russian Federation continue to practice this barbarity. For many years, the Russian activists for the rights of animals are fighting against severe conditions of absolute corruption and lawlessness.

But the corrupted Parliament of the Russian Federation enacts such laws which will make the status of animals (and status of activists for the rights of animals) worse in the Russian Federation (see

Now only the international protests (directed to European Parliament and EU) can help vulnerable animals in Russia.

Any effort or initiative on your behalf in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Mikhail Novikov

President of the Russian Society for Protection of Animals

Saint-Petersburg Russia

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