Oklahoma Measles Case – What the Media is Not Asking

Oklahoma Measles Case – What the Media is Not Asking

As the measles hype continues to make news across the United States, a case of measles has been reported from Oklahoma for the first time in 18 years. But the stories that have surfaced so far have all notably not asked one important question about the patient.measles

The stories appearing in top Google search about the OK measles case are published at the links include in this post. All repeat the same information in nearly the same wording and style: Since 1997, OK has reported its first “confirmed” case of measles; the patient had traveled internationally and has a spouse at the OSU, and that’s it – the story quickly witches lines to what measles is, how you can be protected by getting vaccinated, and all the old crammed stuff you have heard a kazillion times on media.

What is it in the story that the media didn’t ask. Right! It’s the question whether the patient in question here who contracted measles vaccinated or unvaccinated. This question is important, and very obvious when it is not asked – yes, when it’s not asked, one wonders why. The reason is not difficult to guess: if a patient is vaccinated and gets measles, it’s evidence against the alleged effectiveness of the measles vaccine.

Many cases of vaccinated people getting measles have been the cause of a repeated setback to claims of the vaccine industry that measles vaccine gives life-long protection. Media, most of which is controlled by the vaccine industry, tends to remain quite on the status of patients’ vaccination status when vaccinated patients get the disease they were vaccinated against. So whenever there is a story in media that talks about vaccine efficacy and doesn’t ask the question whether a case of an infectious disease was reported in a vaccinated or unvaccinated person, audience should be careful against those media sources’ claims and read more vaccines, their effectiveness, and risks (which are also either omitted or understated in mainstream media reports).

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