Ohio Train Mishap – a Huge Environmental Disaster under Biden

Ohio Train Mishap – a Huge Environmental Disaster under Biden

Ohio suffered a huge environmental disaster with the derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals 10 days ago; the horror from the incident continues – and so does the indifference of the Biden administration. Is the government running a cover-up?

The train mishap happened in East Palestine, an Ohio town near Pennsylvania’s border, as the freight train carrying dangerous chemicals went off the track and crashed. What went wrong is still not clear as the government has maintained an eerie silence over the incident.

However, critics and observers are ringing alarm bells and calling it an environmental disaster. Though the EPA has told people it’s safe to return to their homes in the affected area, many people are not buying it. They have seen their animals falling sick and some dropping dead. The EPA is also claiming their spill of the chemicals has not endangered their drinking water supply.

The Twitter feed of an independent journalist gives a glimpse of what it calls the “may be the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history.”

Conservative journalist Stew Peters called it Catastrophic reminding that over 30 million people, live in the Ohio River Basin.

And while all this is happening, Biden and his cabinet are missing in both word and action. The government is pretending s if it didn’t happen or is too insignificant to address. Interestingly the Democrats pretend to be defenders of the environment but are nowhere to be seen in the wake of an environmental disaster like Ohio’s train of chemicals.

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