Not in Media: Vaccines Responsible for Autoimmune Diseases

Not in Media: Vaccines Responsible for Autoimmune Diseases

Image Credit: Volker Brinkmann via Wiki

Have you heard about research showing that vaccines cause auto-immune diseases? If not, the mainstream media has done a good job hiding it from you. Read on.

In a research paper published in the journal Pharmacological Research (Vol. 100, October 2015, pp. 190–209), a team of Israeli and Italian researchers did a literature review and found that vaccines cause auto-immune diseases ranging from mild to terrifying. In their paper’s abstract, the authors note:

“In this review of the literature, there is evidence of vaccine-induced autoimmunity and adjuvant-induced autoimmunity in both experimental models as well as human patients.”

Now the mainstream media certainly doesn’t want people to see this because it goes against the now-debunked narrative that vaccines are safe and effective. But certain bodies concerned with health and well-being of children did take notice of the research and wrote about it on their websites. Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute is one of them and you can read about the topic on their site here.

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