New Surveillance Technological Advances to Enslave People

New Surveillance Technological Advances to Enslave People

Concerns for privacy and civil rights are skyrocketing as the technological advances are enforced  via governments worldwide. The Activist Post wrote about this looming threat under the title “CCTV Cameras Are Being Turned Into Heartbeat Measuring Social Distancing Monsters” today (April 23rd).

The post cited touches on two new developments in the technological field that would fasten the globalist/leftist plan to transform societies into an Orwellian world. First, the teaming up of two firms – VSBLTY and Photon-X – that would “turn smart city cameras into heartbeat measuring cameras.” These cameras will be capable of measuring a person’s biological/physical variables like temperature, heartbeat, and breathing rate. In other words, surveillance of your biological functions from above when you won’t even be aware of it. And of course this information will be available to law enforcement so everyone’s a suspect and at risk of arrest/detention by simply getting in the range of such a camera.

Another alarming story, one which is trending on social media since yesterday, shows a video of Landing AI Social Distancing Detector Demo that was originally posted to YouTube over a week ago. The video shows how this feature monitors people’s movement and calculates the distance between them. People walking closer than specified (currently it’s six feet for social distancing purposes) are pointed out in red on the monitors in real time video. So the authorities working with this device can have a bird’s-eye view of the public and can detect any violations, even by as small as a foot in the wrong direction, and easily single out the violator for punishment.

The concerns of civil rights activists over such technological advances for Surveillance are not unfounded or trivial. In such a setting of mass surveillance, the people become the sheeple under dictatorial control. The lockdowns and shutdowns of entire nations over a pseudo-scientific health crisis have demonstrated already what it means to live under people who want to seize people’s freedom and turn it into slavery enforced not by the traditional whip but by the whip of digital technology mostly developed using the same people’s money that will now be enslaved using it.

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