New Measles Cases and Media Lies in Australia and California

New Measles Cases and Media Lies in Australia and California

Were they vaccinated?Filling vaccine to syringe

This is the question lamestream corporate media will not ask in many of its news stories about the so-called “vaccine-preventable” diseases. But when they report on the vaccination status of patients, they would omit or juggle info to preach vaccination. New measles cases in Sydney, Australia and California, US are examples of such reporting.

In Australia, ABC News reported a fourth case of measles in the past 3 weeks with a warning to people against the infectious disease. The news went easy on whether any of the four patients were vaccinated against the disease before getting it. This is sloppy, or likely dishonest journalism. When you claim in a story that vaccines work, you need to show it by reporting on vaccination status and relative proportion of disease as well as the cause of its origin (was a vaccinated person was responsible for starting it?)

Previously had reported on a woman who was infected with measles while traveling to Sydney from Denpasar, Bali. There is no mention of the woman’s vaccination status. But the story did a fair job on not preaching vaccination as doing so would have implied scaremongering to drive people for measles shots without clarifying by the case on the vaccine’s effectiveness – not to mention adverse effects.

Moving on to California where Los Angeles is reportedly having a measles outbreak. A case in Santa Barbara though was detected on Tuesday – what was called in the news as a first time in recent memory – the patient being a man who was treated and released and advised to stay in isolation. But interesting is the statement of the County Public Health’s spokesperson who refused to talk about the vaccination status of the patient. Yet the same spokesperson preached two doses of MMR vaccine for all to prevent measles. This is dishonest spokespersonship – hiding information that is necessary to make you believable.

Now the same news story tells that in LA, California, the recent measles outbreak affected 12 people and of those 12, only one was “fully vaccinated”. This is juggling info to baffle people. Here the story won’t talk of vaccinated versus unvaccinated cases but “fully vaccinated” (with 2 doses of MMR done) against partially vaccinated (1 shot done) and completely unvaccinated. And since the story doesn’t mention how many of the remaining 11 were completely unvaccinated, the reader is kept in darkness about the actual statistical risk of opting out of measles vaccination. If only one or two cases turn out to be completely unvaccinated, the vaccine-promoting agenda falls flat because of low risk associated with no vaccination.

The highly controversial MMR vaccine has been shown ineffective in many cases most notably in the Disneyland measles outbreak where many fully vaccinated people contracted the disease and the lamestream media’s propaganda to blame the unvaccinated for the outbreak fell flat in face of the statistics. Yet the rich and influential vaccine industry continues to buy the “professional” journalists’ pen to their own corporate benefit at the cost of ethical and professional standards of journalism.

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