Mumps Breaks Out among Vaccinated People in Washington

Mumps Breaks Out among Vaccinated People in Washington

Outbreak after outbreak has been exposing the quack science of vaccination. This time, it’s mumps and the outbreak is happening mostly in vaccinated people – again.

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Mainstream propaganda media cartels are reporting the outbreak as it is too obvious to ignore but to make sure they cover up the failure of the mumps vaccine, they cite pro-vaccine doctors who regurgitate the rhetoric – “not all vaccines are perfect; if unvaccinated, there would be even more cases; maybe the virus is changing” and other lame excuses.

The reality of pathetic failure of the mumps vaccine—and other—speaks in numbers. The final stats on 2014’s Disneyland measles outbreak showed majority of patients vaccinated with one or more doses while the unvaccinated struck by the infection were in minority. In this current outbreak (wonder where they start calling outbreaks “epidemics”), the media says two-thirds are cases that were already vaccinated.

Again, the vaccine didn’t work and pharma-controlled/indoctrinated medical “experts” are rationalizing. This para from Gizmodo pretty much summarizes the lies of the pro-vaccine agenda voiced via “experts”:

Last month, the CDC reported that most individual state outbreaks of mumps have been occurring among vaccinated people, suggesting that a third booster of the vaccine might be needed. Another possibility is that not enough people are being vaccinated to maintain so-called herd immunity.

In other words, the “experts” want to sell you a third dose because the two doses they told you will protect you didn’t work and it’s too embarrassing for them to admit it. So now they will try to sell you a third, and if that didn’t work, a fourth, and so on. After all, no vaccine is perfect. Yet, what a perfect joke it offers to us who look at the lies and get our kick out of their puppetry.

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