London Falls to Crime under Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Falls to Crime under Mayor Sadiq Khan

Murder is rampant in UK’s capital London, and the weapon that has created terror in the city is not a gun, but knife.

With multiple fatal stabbings reported in a single day in the city, the death toll has reached 59 this year—and it’s not even end of April yet. The capital of Britain has lately seen an epidemic of killing by stabbing, and out of those killed thus far, about 40.

To make things worse, London’s mayor Sadiq Khan seems to have failed badly in addressing the crime surge. And when a BBC anchor questioned Mr. Khan for his lack of appropriate response to the killings, his reply was: “I have raised council tax precept to the maximum I’m allowed to do over the last two years and this year I’ve used business rates to increase resources in both policing and also youth services.”

Also scary to learn is the worst epidemic of acid attacks in the city. A number of London areas are now no-go zones for the risk to life via acid attacks and other violent crimes.

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